Planetary gears

IMS.120 Pro

Our planetary gear from the Pro Series with outer diameter 120 mm combines performance with robustness.


Powerful, long-lived and robust - the planetary gear convinces in a multitude of applications.


Also ideally suited for demanding temperature ranges from -30° to +120°C.

IMS.120 Pro Planetary gears

Technical data

All dimensions in millimetres [mm]
Output side with ball bearing
Max. radial load (centre of output shaft) 600,0 N 900,0 N 1,500,0 N
Max. Axial load 120,0 N 180,0 N 300,0 N
Max. permissible contact pressure 2,500,0 N 2,500,0 N 2,500,0 N
Weight approx. 5600 g 8000 g 10 g
    All dimensions in millimetres [mm]