Household Appliances

Household Appliances

Long-lived, Efficient and Low Noise – Planetary Gears for Household Appliances

They make our daily lives go round: Household Appliances help with cooking, cleaning and many more daily routines. To ensure that everything is running as desired it takes the suitable drive - with planetary gears from IMS Gear as essential components. 

Our technological expertise in combination with the proven modular system guarantees that we align the performance features of our planetary gears exactly to the respective requirements of the appliances. This includes high power density in a small installation space. But also the long service life and robustness of the solutions. And low noise is always of particular importance: With our low noise planetary gears we from IMS Gear are your perfect partner here. 

The potential applications of our solutions are as manifold as the whole world of appliances. Our IMS Gear planetary gears can be found in: 

  • Kitchen appliances / food processors 
  • Ice-cream machines 
  • Mixers 
  • Sorbet machines 
  • Robotic lawn mowers 
  • Robotic vaccum cleaners 
  • and even more 

Success Stories

Discover our success stories from a variety of applications of our building engineering division.

Planetary Gears for robotic lawn mowers
Planetary Gears for robotic lawn mowers
Garden Heroes
Planetary Gears for ice cream machines
Planetary Gears for ice cream machines
THE Ice-cream Man!
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