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Planetary Gears for stable brushes

Wellness for Cows
Agricultural Technology / Stable Brushes

Wellness for Cows

Modern agriculture is faced with the continuous challenge to combine performance and efficiency with animal welfare and environmental protection. The planetary gears from IMS Gear are an essential module in this endeavor. To give an example, they are used in automated stable brushes for the cows’ cleanliness and comfort. Based on our modular system, we could offer a custom-fit solution that convinces all along the line:

  • Compact design
  • Resistant to load changes
  • Long service life
  • Resistant to dust and dirt

With its modular system, IMS Gear’s spectrum ranges from quick quality solutions to customer-specific adaptations and sophisticated special gear configurations. The same applies to our solutions for modern agricultural technology.

“We place greatest emphasis on the well-being of our animals. This not only has to do with the quality of meat and regulations, but above all with responsibility and conviction.”


Martin Kammerer, cattle breeder from Bottrop

Animal Welfare in Focus

The animal welfare is in the focus of a further application: Automated stable brushes installed for modern farming practices. They are essential elements of hygiene and comfort for the lives of cattle and cows in stables. Automated stable brushes not only contribute to the well-being of animals but also prevent injuries from rubbing against concrete or metal parts. These automated stable brushes work with planetary gears from IMS Gear. As with many other applications, we counted on the benefits of the modular system that offers an almost endless range of solutions.

Cows Love our Planetary Gears

First of all, the planetary gear selected for installation in automated stable brushes had to meet decisive requirements to size and mounting position: “A two-step IMS.52 Pro rotates the brushes with the drive directly installed in the tube”, Bea explains. Thus, the brush revolves around the motor. A further central requirement related to the technical design: As animals exert different pressures on the brushes, the planetary gear has to be extremely resistant to load changes. Due to the high requirements to service life, both stages feature special needle bearings.

Modularität als Standard und als Vorteil

Wie bei weiteren Anwendungen in der Agrartechnik konnte IMS Gear auch hier durch Kundennähe und Praxisorientierung überzeugen. Das Prinzip des modularen Baukastens ermöglichte es, auf spezifische Anforderungen schnell und unkompliziert eingehen zu können – ohne tiefe Vorentwicklung. Auslegungs- und Produktionswissen aus der Großserie auch für kleinere Serien: Damit lassen sich zahlreiche weitere Anwendungen in der Agrartechnik umsetzen.

Ready to tell your Success Story?

You are looking for a custom-fit solution for your application in the area of Agricultural Technology? Then let’s talk about it: As an experienced development partner, we at IMS Gear are always excited to develop new solutions for the world of tomorrow.

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