Planetary gears

IMS.62 Pro LN®

Our planetary gear from the Pro Series with outer diameter 62 mm combines performance with robustness. Due to easy adaptations of the configuration all Pro gears are also available in Low Noise (LN) design.

Low Noise (LN)

Due to the use of helical gearing in the first stage particularly low noise.


Powerful, long-lived and robust - the planetary gear convinces in a multitude of applications.


Also ideally suited for demanding temperature ranges from -30° to +120°C.

IMS.62 Pro LN® Planetary gears

Technical data

All dimensions in millimetres [mm]
Output side with ball bearing
Max. radial load (centre of output shaft) 240,0 N 360,0 N 520,0 N
Max. Axial load 70,0 N 100,0 N 150,0 N
Max. permissible contact pressure 1,000,0 N 1,000,0 N 1,000,0 N
Weight approx. 800 g 1200 g 1600 g
    All dimensions in millimetres [mm]