Dominic Schmidt

Practical week

Last year I visited IMS Gear on their "Open Training Day" to obtain information on the various trades for which training was offered and to clarify a few questions about applying for a job. I spoke to the training manager there and he told me about the practical weeks at IMS Gear.

What I found highly impressive, was that one can learn about many different professions during the practical and not just one. I applied in the same week and was highly pleased when I was accepted for the practical. During the practical week we manufactured the parts necessary for the electric winding station of a yo-yo. But we did not just look over the shoulders of the apprentices, we were also allowed to turn, file and mill. That was really interesting and also a lot of fun.

I am very glad that I did that practical at IMS Gear as I was convinced I wanted to become a mechatronic engineer. But during the practical I noticed that I much preferred the job of tool mechanic and that I wanted to start training to become a tool mechanic next year.