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Planetary Gears for barn robots

Cleanliness & Hygiene in the Stable
Agricultural Technology / Stable Robots

Cleanliness and Hygiene in the Stable

Automation has long been an integral element of modern stable routine. Planetary gears from IMS Gear are used in powerful stable robots that provide for reliable cleanliness and hygiene - and at the same time for the health and safety of both animals and humans. Thanks to our modular system we from IMS Gear could easily meet the specific requirements profile for the use of our planetary gears in stable robots:

  • High torque
  • Long service life
  • Resistant to dust and dirt
  • Low noise

With its modular system, IMS Gear’s spectrum ranges from quick quality solutions to customer-specific adaptations and sophisticated special gear configurations. The same applies to our solutions for modern agricultural technology.

„In dairy cattle farming, efficient mucking out supports a better milking hygiene and the animals’ well-being.“


Dominik Bea, Sales Engineer at IMS Gear

Extreme Requirements

The use of IMS Gear planetary gears in stable robots involves extreme 
requirements to torque and service life
. The installation space was also a limiting factor. The self-propelled stable robots push the manure into the conveying troughs. “A low-noise planetary gear in size IMS.81 Pro LN from the modular system is applied here”, informs Dominik Bea, Sales Engineer with IMS Gear. “This helical gear unit meets the high requirements to the torque in a three-stage design. With spur gearing, a fourth stage would have been necessary – but could not be integrated due to the limited installation space.” 
“The IMS Gear planetary gear operates in the drive of the robot”, Bea 
explains. The fact that the robot moves in the stable practically all day long results in highest requirements to the continuous load capability. In dairy cattle farming, efficient mucking out supports a better milking hygiene and the animals’ well-being. It generally optimizes the stable climate as the content of ammonia and nitrogen oxides in the stable air is reduced. Furthermore, the stable robot preserves the fertilization value of the manure.

Modularity as Standard and Advantage

As with further applications in agricultural technology, IMS Gear could 
convince once again by customer proximity and practice orientation. The modular design principle allows to concentrate on specific requirements quickly and easily - without extensive basic development. 
Design and production knowledge from large series also for smaller series: This allows to implement numerous further applications in agricultural technology.

Ready to tell your Success Story?

You are looking for a custom-fit solution for your application in the area of Agricultural Technology? Then let’s talk about it: As an experienced development partner, we at IMS Gear are always excited to develop new solutions for the world of tomorrow.

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