Dimitri Kahlkopf

Practice semester

Of course one acquires knowledge when studying and gains experience, but applying all that into operational practice is something totally different. I have been fully integrated into the daily routine since day one and am permanently confronted with new tasks and situations. In the beginning I thought I was being "thrown in at the deep end" but my colleagues always supported me when I needed help.

During the application phase I also decided whether to join a large corporation. In hindsight I am glad I decided to join IMS Gear. Many of my fellow students told me that their tasks in the practice semester were not challenging or diversified. Things for me are totally different. I have my own tasks here where I can work independently and can even make my own decisions.

Doing my practical semester at IMS Gear was definitely the right decision. I learnt a lot in a short space of time and was able to gain valuable professional experience as an equal team member. I look forward to probably doing my bachelor thesis here at IMS Gear.